6D Installation and Removal Instructions

Installation Instructions:


  1. Open the 6D hair extensions tool by pulling the handles apart
  2. Open the clamps for the metal tubes by pulling the lever back
  3. Load the 6D hair into the clamps with the slit in the metal tubes facing outward and the top plastic bar on the bottom as shown
  4. Release the lever to close the clamps onto the metal tubes
  5. Once secure, carefully pull the plastic come out of the metal tubes. Avoid breaking plastic combs so that the hair doesn’t become unusable
  6. Place the plastic comb in the top portion of the hair tool with the prongs pointing downwards. Note, there are notches in the top of the plastic comb that allow this piece to sit firmly in the top.
  7. Put a small section of the hair between the prongs and the metal tubes and lay the hair flat against the hair tool so that the natural hair falls into the cracks of the metal tubes.
  8. Use the handles to close the tool and secure the hair into the metal tubes by filling them with the plastic prongs.
  9. Once the metal tubes have been filled with hair and prongs, open the handles of the machine once more
  10. Pull back the lever to release the clamps on the metal tubes and separate the tool from the natural and extension hair
  11. Break off the plastic prongs and repeat all steps until desired volume has been achieved.