Who's Clutch Hair Culture?

Styled & Engineered for Luxury

A blonde and a brunette walk into a hair salon. One's an engineer and entrepreneur, the other is an elite hair stylist and trainer.


We founded Clutch Hair Culture to give both stylists and clients what they want - all the right tools, colors, high quality hair, and accessories to have the highest quality experience.

Ryann Ramirez Hill and Beth Wiese Owners of Clutch Hair Culture
Clutch Weft Hybrid Extension
Why clutch?

Our Obsession: Unparalleled Quality

Here's the deal – we’re obsessed with quality. Our extensions? Think top-notch, ethically sourced, the real good stuff. We're committed to providing you with hair extensions that are not just gorgeous but also durable and comfortable. Quality for us isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our promise to you.

Our Mission: Empower, Innovate, Inspire

Clutch Hair Culture is all about empowerment. Our mission is to provide hairstylists with the ultimate tools for creativity and expression. We're here to fuel your passion for hairstyling and to help you achieve stunning, trendsetting looks. Whether you’re a new stylist or a seasoned pro, we’ve got your back.

Our Promise: Beyond Just Hair Extensions

Clutch Hair Culture is more than just a hair extension brand. We're a community dedicated to excellence in hairstyling. Our promise to you includes unparalleled customer service, a supportive network of professionals, and access to the latest trends and techniques in hair fashion. Our unique blend of quality and support is what sets us apart in the hair care industry.

Who is Clutch Hair Culture

learn why everyone is raving about our

Clutch Hybrid Wefts

Our Clutch Wefts come in 28 colors and are made with a polyurethane top

They can be cut to custom widths and won't unravel

No itchy mustache

Our thick to the bottom hair won't shed

Can be sewn with all different hand-tied methods

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I thought to myself, what would happen if I couldn't get Clutch extensions anymore? Well, that wouldn't happen, I'd sell a freaking kidney."

Rachel J.
Overland Park, KS

I have had hair extensions for years, and I have found there are things that have been pros and cons for the hair. Clutch is all pros! It doesn't tangle, shed, or have dread balls. The other thing I completely noticed is I can wear this hair longer!

Phoebe L.
Kansas City, MO

I love, love, love Clutch! I have noticed that everyone else notices my hair now. They love the color, the length, and how thick it is.

Stephanie M.
Kansas City, MO

I absolutely LOVE my Clutch hair! My real hair blends seamlessly with my extensions. They are so comfortable - I don't even know they are there! The quality of my Clutch hair is amazing. Truly the best extensions I have ever had. Beautiful hair = great confidence booster!

Stephanie K.
Overland Park, KS
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