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Clutch Hair

Clutch Weft Hair Extensions

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Our Clutch Weft hair extensions are made from premium quality, ethically sourced hair, to provide you with volume that is thick all the way to the bottom. 

  • QUANTITY: Each package contains 3 wefts, 60g of hair total
  • WEFT WIDTH: Weft width ranges between 11.5-12" but can be cut to any width. As length of the hair increases, width of the weft slightly decreases to maintain the same grams per weft
  • MATERIAL: 100% remy cuticle intact human hair with a polyurethane weft top that may be cut to size. The Clutch Weft contains no return for enhanced comfort 
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our real human hair extensions are compatible with semi or demi permanent hair dye and may be permed as well. It is recommended that you refrain from washing your Clutch Hair Wefts daily, and occasionally treat with oil to maintain health. 
  • COLORING: The hair color that appears on your screen may appear differently than it is in person. If you are unsure about the color you require, contact us before making your purchase.
  • LIFESPAN: These extensions can last up to a year. With proper care, they can be washed, straightened, curled, and styled with ordinary hair. Once installed, the extension fits perfectly into the rest of the hair and is virtually undetectable. 


Our wefts are made from 100% cuticle intact, human hair that is ethically sourced. Our hair may be dyed, permed and styled with heat.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping over $500 and returns on unopened hair within 30 days.


Each package contains 60g of hair, 3 wefts each at 20g each. As length of weft increases, width decreases. For 14 inch, 16 inch length hair, one weft will be 20 grams with 13 inch width. For 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch , weft width will be approximately 12 inches wide. For 22 and 24 inch , weft width is approximately 11.5 inch wide.

Care Instructions

Our hair should be cared for like your normal hair, and can last up to a year with proper care.

  • More Flexibility

    Because our Clutch Wefts have a polyurethane top instead of thread, they can be cut to length for convience and comfort. No need to fold over the end of extensions anymore!

  • Enhanced Comfort

    Because of the material of our Clutch Weft, our wefts don't have a return that typically causes itchiness while wearing extensions. If you're ready to stop itching, you have come to the right place!

  • Thick all the Way to the Bottom

    Our hair is premium quality; not only can you feel it, but you can see it! Our wefts provide you with the volume you want, the entire length of the weft. Compared to other brands, you can use 25% less total number of wefts due to the quality and thickness of the Clutch Weft.