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Clutch Hair Culture

Female Founded & Owned

A blonde and a brunette walk into a hair salon. One's an entrepreneur and the other is an elite hair stylist and trainer.


We founded Clutch Hair Culture to give both stylists and clients what they want - all the right tools, colors, high quality hair, and accessories to have the highest quality experience.

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Become certified in the Clutch Strength method and enjoy extra perks and CHC Affiliate pricing. We offer both group and 1:1 training sessions.
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Who is
Clutch Hair Culture?

Clutch Hair Culture was founded by a stylist and an engineer. Together they created a carefully selected line of products to bring both stylists and clients exactly what they want!

learn why everyone raving about our
Clutch Weft
- Our Clutch Weft is made with a polyurethane top
- It can be cut to custom widths and won't unravel
- There's no itchy mustache
- Our thick to the bottom hair won't shed
- It can be sewn with all diferent hand-tied methods
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