Ryann Ramirez Hill

Passionate about empowering others through her work, Ryann Ramirez Hill is an award-winning elite stylist and educator with over 27 years of experience. Additionally, Ryann is one of the developers of one of the most widely adopted hand tied methods, which was created using her knowledge and expertise.  Ryann is enthusiastic about helping others become the best version of themselves and by bringing Clutch Hair Culture to market, she is able to continue living out this passion.

Beth Wiese

Engineer by degree, entrepreneur by choice, Beth finds fulfillment in providing lasting value to others. She has created and grown multiple brands, all having one major commonality: they are all centered around female empowerment. Beth is passionate about everything E-commerce and is excited to be a co-founder of Clutch Hair Culture, which was founded on the basis of women supporting women. By employing her E-commerce and business experience, Beth is excited to provide value, high quality products and services to Clutch Hair Culture customers.

Account Manager (Kansas City)
Maegen Buckner

Maegen is lighting up the sales scene as an account manager in Kansas City for Clutch Hair Culture. With 8 years of experience in sales and account management, Maegen excels in connecting with people and building strong relationships. Beyond her role, Maegen is a fierce advocate for women-owned businesses and deeply cares for those who've faced challenges, especially when hair extensions can offer a confidence boost. Her mission? To empower and support, one business at a time.

Account Manager (Kansas City)
Lesli Sander

Meet Lesli, a Kansas City account manager and a stylist with 24 years of experience! It turns out, when you're truly passionate about something, it's not about selling—it's about sharing what you love. And for Lesli, honesty is key; she only stands behind products she believes in and uses herself.

Lesli's journey into the world of hair extensions is personal. Facing hair loss, she took the leap into extensions, both as a stylist and a client, transforming her confidence and her craft. She believes stylists are more than just hairdressers; they're day makers, personal hype girls who bring out the confidence in their clients. For Lesli, adding extensions is the perfect way to elevate this experience. Lesli's life is a testament to finding your passion and sharing it with the world, as she does through her role at Clutch!

Account Manager (Dallas)
Vicki Flowers

Vicki, our energetic account manager based out of Dallas, has a history of entrepreneurship across various industries. Vicki brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the hustle to our team. As a previous salon owner, Vicki understands the power of a good hair day!

A devoted user of hair extensions for two decades, she considers Clutch’s quality and longevity unmatched and is excited about sharing our products and services with others. Through her role at Clutch, Vicki is blending her passion for beauty, fashion, and entrepreneurship. She's not just about achieving her own dreams; she's dedicated to inspiring others to chase theirs too!

Educator/Account Manager
Bethany Cast

Meet Bethany! As an account manager and educator at Clutch Hair Culture, she's a key player on our team. Born and raised in New York, she's been head over heels for beauty since her very first client – a Barbie. Beyond the glitz and glam, Bethany's true passion shines in the classroom. She believes that education is the bridge between dreams and reality, especially in the world of beauty. And if you're lucky enough to be in one of her classes, she's all about catching that lightbulb moment when everything clicks for you. She's not just teaching techniques; she's igniting passions.

Advanced Educator
Merissa Luetjen

Merissa has been a hairstylist for 11 years and her passion for this industry only continues to grow! She is meticulous about her work and loves providing the best experience possible. Merissa loves to build others up, and looks forward to being part of the Clutch team!

Merissa is grateful to be able to give someone all the confidence using Clutch products and methods. She’s loved doing hair since she was just four years old, and can’t imagine doing anything else!

Outside of work, Merissa is passionate about her health and enjoys working out and eating healthy. Additionally, she loves her faith, her husband, and her three beautiful children.

Advanced Educator
Loren Halpin

Loren, a certified educator and master certified stylist in extensions, has worked in the industry for over 12 years. She is passionate about both color, as well as extensions, and is excited to share her knowledge through education programs.

Outside of her career, Loren has two beautiful kids with her wife. Together, her family has enjoyed fostering children for the last four years. Additionally, Loren loves traveling and creating memories with her family.

Loren is excited to take her career to the next level by becoming an educator with Clutch Hair Culture. Her passion lives with inspiring other stylists in our industry, as well as learning and teaching to help other stylists live out their dreams behind the chair. Lastly, and most importantly, Loren has another certification we forgot to mention - certified hype woman!

Christopher Soelter

Christopher has over 23 years of experience as a hair stylist and loves being able to transform his clients. Through his work he has been able to change womens self perceptions, impacting quality of life for the better. Christopher is certified in numerous extension methods and types, and is a contributor to the CHC method. He is excited to share his passion with other stylists as one of Clutch's Educators.

Operations Manager
Savannah Leslie

Savannah is a dedicated and passionate operations manager at Clutch Hair Culture. With a love for supporting women and a strong work ethic, she always goes above and beyond to ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently. Balancing her family life with her studies and work at Clutch Hair Culture, she embodies hard work, kindness, and dedication. She is excited to see how Clutch Hair Culture will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of so many women. With her unwavering dedication and passion, Savannah is an invaluable member of the team at Clutch Hair Culture.