Stylist Insurance Kit

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Give your clients an elevated experience with our Stylist Insurance Kit! This kit includes products to protect hair and increase the life of Clutch Hair Culture extensions. 

CLUTCH BOAR BRISTLE BRUSH: Maintain the beauty and longevity of hair extensions with our Clutch Boar Bristle Brush. Ideal for gentle detangling, it helps distribute natural oils evenly, keeping the extensions looking fresh and vibrant.

SATIN SCRUNCHIES: These luxurious scrunchies, perfect for both day and night, are made from premium satin to keep your hair secure without causing damage. The 3 pack of scrunchies includes three timeless colors – black, nude, and pink – they effortlessly complement any wardrobe.

CROCODILE CLIPS: Our hinged crocodile clips provide a superior grip, securing both thin and thick hair with ease. They effortlessly hold any amount of hair without leaving any creases or dents. These gator style clips are perfect for sectioning your hair while styling and give you the extra hand (our 4) you need. 

Stylist Insurance Kit

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